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Q & A2021-11-28T07:31:48+00:00
What are your office hours?2022-02-07T05:30:58+00:00

We are available from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm during office hours in Banani Location.

I need some information on your service. How can I contact you?2022-02-07T05:31:40+00:00

In order to know more about us, you can call us directly at (880)9613232469 

What type of legal courier and delivery services do you offer?2022-02-07T05:32:37+00:00

Our Delivery staff are experienced and has the basic knowledge of the legal rights on parcel collection and delivery. As per law, all illegal materials, publications and prohibited products are not allowed in the process of our collection and delivery. Our staff shall opt not to collect any of these materials / products if it is made known during the collection process. All merchants / customers shall hold Bahon Express’ harmless and indemnify Bahon Express for any of these materials that fall under illegal jurisdiction, in the event the parcel is collected without the knowledge of our staff.

How can I make complain about my delivery?2022-02-07T05:32:58+00:00

You can directly contact us via email info@bahonexpress.com or call us at (880)9613232469


My product was lost/ damaged during delivery. What should I do?2022-02-07T05:33:20+00:00

Please send your customer details along with a picture of the damaged product. We will then look into the matter to investigate and get back to you within the next 48 hours.

How do you notify customers about their parcel?2021-11-21T07:02:09+00:00

We have SMS service. When the parcel is ready for delivery; customer will be notified with a SMS.

How can I monitor the status of my package through its journey?2021-11-21T07:02:35+00:00

You can simply track your order with the help of our latest tracking updates of our website.

(NOTE: you can only track your order after the product has been dispatched for delivery)

Do you offer same day delivery?2021-11-21T07:02:47+00:00

Yes we do same day delivery. Our last pick up time 1.00 pm.

Will a package be delivered if nobody is there to accept it?2021-11-21T07:03:02+00:00

We confirm home availability before delivery is made at home. Our rider will call you before going.

I am trying to track my parcel online however the system has not updated my information. Why?2021-11-21T07:03:21+00:00

Contact us and we will respond quickly and promptly to resolve the issue at hand.

Is it possible for me to request you to hold my product for a longer time?2021-11-21T07:03:33+00:00

According to our policy, we don’t keep any product for more than 3 days.

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